EPIC - First Responder Credentials & Deployment Management

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Emergency Personnel Information Center (EPIC) enhances first responder effectiveness and simplifies training record management by:

  • Maintaining current training records and certifications.
  • Alerting department members and/or training officers of expiring certifications.
  • Optimally deploying responders to critical incident scenes based on verifiable skillsets.
  • Authenticating mutual-aid responders to verify qualifications prior to allowing access to hazardous environments.
  • Ensuring only authorized personnel enter an incident scene.
  • Providing a secure, managed service that is accessible from anywhere.

Optimizing First Responder Efficiency and Effectiveness

Natural disasters, terrorist events and other critical incidents have underscored the vital importance of maintaining an efficient, highly effective system of first responders. Optimal utilization of department resources, cross-authentication of responders within a region, and efficient, skills-based deployment of the right response teams are critically important for public safety and cost-effective resource management. Emergency Personnel Information Center (EPIC) enables agencies to more easily and effectively track and verify the most current training and certification information about their members, and across a regional response area. It also enables onsite Safety Officers and security personnel to more effectively manage incident scenes by verifying the identities and qualifications of response in real time.

The EPIC Solution

EPIC is a secure, turnkey, hosted solution, powered by RTV technology to efficiently administer training records and certification information, optimally assign personnel, and control access to critical incident scenes. This managed service supports permission-based collaboration and need-to-know information sharing among local departments, county coordinators, regional response teams, and all the private organizations that support disaster response. Automated system notices, and point-and-click administrative functions deliver an immediate return on investment for each participating department. Secure, Web-based sharing of this critical information facilitates the most efficient use of resources, reduces risk, and improves public and responder safety and security.

EPIC Features

EPIC's versatile, interoperable platform supports an array of features and functionality that make it easy, efficient and cost effective.

  • Managed, Web-based service with intuitive menus and screens.
  • Identity, membership and training certification tracking.
  • ID card printing, management and authentication.
  • Always available using virtually any Internet-enabled device.
  • Real-time Personal Identity Verification (PIV) in support of HSPD-12 and FIPS-201.

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