WISE - Identity Assurance for Corporate Compliance

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Workplace Identification for Secure Enterprises (WISE) collects and manages secure personal information to:

  • Prove compliance with internal and external safety and security requirements.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of identities, professional certifications, credentials, and biometrics for access.
  • Generate data and reports for agencies, enterprises and organizations.
  • Verify personal identities on a real-time basis in secure areas.
  • Reduce risk from unauthorized access to facilities, sites and assets.

A Higher Standard for Identity Assurance

Today's corporations are facing ever-increasing threats to their people, facilities and assets. Government agencies, industry groups, and customers are requiring more robust safety and security safeguards to reduce risk, decrease liability and improve worksite safety and security. Workplace Identification for Secure Enterprises (WISE) is a secure personal identity and information management service that provides corporations with the trusted data they need to lower their risk profile, and prove compliance with evolving safety and security requirements.

The WISE Approach

WISE is a highly secure managed service that is built on the powerful RTV technology platform for flexibility and interoperability. It is a turnkey Web-based solution that enables corporations to efficiently and economically manage the private collection, automated processing, and selective presentation of identity data, professional training records, and credentials that collectively demonstrate security compliance. WISE helps your HR and security professionals easily manage:

  • Identity and background screening of individuals who are given unescorted access to restricted areas.
  • Professional certifications to prove a worker can safely perform a task.
  • Biometrics for authentication at corporate and customer facilities.
  • Detailed incident reporting for management of investigative or disciplinary cases.

WISE Features

WISE is a secure, integrated platform that is feature-rich, user-friendly and offers:

  • Web-based management console
  • Customized, step-by-step employee enrollment wizards
  • Comprehensive employee records
  • Biometric image acquisition and authentication (including TWIC card validation)
  • Integrated background screening and 3rd-party services
  • ID card production, issuance, and authentication engine
  • Mobile verification tools
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